Rune Glerup (b. 1981) is a Danish composer working with instrumental, electro-acoustic and electronic music. He has especially become known for an almost sculptural approach to composition, focusing on the beauty of the musical material itself, rather than using music as a metaphorical language.
To achieve this he works with the idea of musical phenomena perceived as static elements, sometimes referred to as 'musical objects', which hierarchically constitutes entire compositions from the lowest to the highest level: the structure of a sound, a repeated phrase that does not change, a section that remains constant and does not gradually transform into something else. The result is often that of a highly energetic musical situation which yet seems to remain firmly in place. 

Rune Glerup had his debut from the soloist class of the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen in 2010, followed by two years of studies at IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique) in Paris. 

He has received the Bisballe Prize, the Léonie Sonning Talent Prize, working grants and the three-year grant from the Danish Arts Foundation.
Rune Glerup has been Artistic Director of KLANG - Copenhagen Avantgarde Festival (2012-16), Artistic Advisor for Athelas Sinfonietta (2012-14), frequently appears as member of various commettees and jurys, and currently is a member of the music committee of The Danish Arts Foundation (2019-23).
He is currently teaching composition and orchestration at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen.


Diotima String Quartet
Ensemble Intercontemporain
SWR Symphony Orchestra
Danish National Symphony Orchestra
Odense Symphony Orchestra
London Sinfonietta
Copenhagen Phil
Trio con Brio
Athelas Sinfonietta
Ensemble TM+
Ensemble Alternance
Crash Ensemble
Uusinta Ensemble
IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique)
Copenhagen Piano Quartet
Zagros Ensemble
International Contermporary Ensemble
Curious Chamber Players
Reykjavik Chamber Orchestra
Ex Novo Ensemble
Ensemble NOISE
Ensemble Mise-en
Esbjerg Ensemble
Ensemble Mimitabu

APPEARED AT: (selection)

Venice Biennale
KLANG - Copenhagen Avantgarde Festival
Biennale Nemo (Paris)
Printemps des Arts de Monte Carlo
Manifeste, IRCAM (Paris)
Athelas New Music Festival
Musikprotokol Graz
Musik der Zeit (WDR)
Chiffren Biennal (Kiel)
Open Days
Nordic Music Days (Copenhagen, Reykjavik, Helsinki etc.)
Young Nordic Music Festival
Tremplin (Paris)
SoundON Festival of Modern Music
Brücken Festival
Magnet Festival
Hindsgavl Festival


15.09 + 16.09-2022
About Light and Lightness
Isabelle Faust, violin
Thomas Søndergård, cond.
Danish National Symphony Orchestra
Koncerthuset (Copenhagen)

Concerto for Piano and Orchestra
Dimitri Vassilakos, piano
Vimbayi Kaziboni, cond.
Ensemble Intercontemporain
Philharmonie de Paris

Perhaps Thus The End
Diotima String Quartet
Musikprotokol Graz

03.12 + 05.12-2016
Thomas Søndergård, cond.
Danish National Symphony Orchestra
Koncerthuset (Copenhagen)

Still Leaning Toward This Machine
Alain Billard, clarinet
Diotima String Quartet
Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord, Paris

Examples of Dust
Susanna Mälkki, cond.
Ensemble Intercontemporain
Centre Pompidou (Paris)

Concerto for Piano and Orchestra
Bendik Båtstrand, piano
Michel Tabachnik, cond.
SWR Symphony Orchestra
Venice Biennale